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You shouldn’t need a PhD to find student accommodation in London

Emily’s story: don’t let the hunt for a flat in London get in the way of your dreams

Meet Emily: Edinburgh born and bred, thick Scottish accent, flowing blonde locks. Likes taking long bike rides, baking extravagant cakes for her friends (they love her for that) and watching old episodes of Seinfeld. All Emily’s life, she’s wanted to help people and has known from a young age that she wanted to become a doctor. With this in mind, she kept her head down at school, studied very hard and crafted the perfect (in her opinion) uni application for each of her five top choices.

Where is Emily going to study Medicine?

Now Edinburgh is a great city but our Emily has her sights set on bigger things. Although she loves her beloved Scotland, she’s determined that after school she’ll move down to London. So she applies to five London universities and, happily, is called for an interview at three. She tootles down to London and interviews at King’s College, UCL and Imperial; all three interviews go well but she’s pretty sure the one at Imperial went the best. This is convenient because Imperial is her top choice.

After a nail-bitingly tense wait, one rainy April morning Emily receives an email from Imperial College London. She can barely breathe as she opens the it but forces herself to be brave and read what it says… Accepted! She jumps out of her chair and runs downstairs to tell her parents. She’s so excited that she bakes herself a magnificent Red Velvet celebration cake because, well, she deserves it.

You go, Emily! Treat yo’ self!

University in London: check. Now it’s time to find a flat.

Of course, she still has some exams to pass before she can truly realise her dream of studying medicine in London but, based on her stellar school record, we’re not too worried about our Em.

Having long harboured a burning desire to relocate to the Big City, Emily wastes no time and gets to work searching for university accommodation in London immediately. Yet none of the student residences appeal and so she decides to start a fresh search and look for a flat instead.

Like the good student she is, Emily has done plenty of research on the best places to live in London. Ideally, she wants to find a flat in Kensington to be near to uni but she’d happily deal with the commute and live in Camden, King’s Cross or even Clapham.

Now Emily is a real planner and one thing she really dislikes is leaving things to the last minute. It doesn’t work in baking and it doesn’t work in life (just ask the unhappy recipient of her disastrous Baked Alaska experiment...).

So you can imagine her intense frustration when her search for flats available for the beginning of term in October yields no results. Having never had to look for accommodation before, she is shocked and confused by the fact that it’s impossible to see flats in London that will be available in 6 months’ time.

Finding student accommodation in London is proving to be harder than Emily thought

And so, the joy of being accepted at Imperial is quickly eclipsed by the stress of not being able to find anywhere to live. After a long, frustrating summer full of endless, fruitless searches on unyielding rental agencies, it is only in September that Emily finally finds a flat in Clapham that she can move into in October.

Cue a nightmarish stream of back and forth between the existing tenants, the rental agencies and Emily while her term start date is getting closer and closer. She needs a guarantor in order to take on the contract, which means her parents have to take a few days off work to rush down to London and sign her lease - an expensive, last-minute trip that’s not ideal in any sense of the word.

Nevertheless, she moves into her Clapham flat on October 1st, goes for a long cycle across the Common and is finally able to release some of the tension that had been weighing down on her for months.

Now, let’s imagine an alternate scenario…

If Emily had discussed her accommodation problems with her friend Jason at school - also moving to London for university in October -, he would have told her about CocoonSync. He used CocoonSync to search through an exclusive database of flats in London that will become available in the future. If only Emily had talked to Jason, she could have avoided this stress and passed a blissful summer full of Seinfeld and carrot cake…

CocoonSync lets you plan ahead and find a flat in London with plenty of time in advance

Don’t be like Emily. Be like Jason.

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