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Why you need to find your student accommodation in advance

Going to university? Whether you’ve applied or not, registering for your student accommodation in advance is the only way to guarantee the perfect pad!

References, tests, letters and interviews... we get it, applying for university can feel like a never ending process. These days, admission officers want to know as much about your Netflix streaming history as they do your exam results.

But with so much to consider for your uni application, there’s one important thing that often gets left until the last minute.

Where are you going to live?

Student accommodation gets snapped up fast - particularly in thriving cities where rent can cost more than your entire degree. Finding affordable places to live in London is no easy feat.

If you’re even thinking about applying to university, now is the perfect time to start searching for your accommodation. And here’s why…

You’ll bag the best location

The location of your student accommodation is perhaps the most important thing to consider. Whilst rolling out of bed for those 9AM lectures is ideal, your university isn’t the only place you’ll be spending your time.

As well as the proximity to your campus, you should also think about how safe - and fun! - your chosen neighbourhood is. Nearby transport links, good security and a few local student hangouts will make your university experience all the better.

Choosing where to live can be overwhelming when it comes to moving to a big city. In London alone there are dozens of boroughs, tube stations and ‘must live’ locations, all varying in style and price tag.

For many the first question is north, east, west or south?

East end Hackney and Dalston weren’t always considered safe areas in London, but now they thrive with student nightlife. On the other side of the map, West London is still a popular hangout - even if renting in Kensington and Notting Hill costs as much as a trip to nearby Harrods.

Luckily, applying in advance means you’ll get to pick the best location for you. And you won’t be embarrassed to invite your new pals over.

You’ll get the best bang for your buck

Getting a head start on your student accommodation means you’ll benefit from the best deal. But this doesn’t mean the lowest price tag.

You might think the cheapest accommodation is an obvious choice. But it’s vital to check what’s included. A higher rent might seem off putting but could include your electricity bill and council tax - saving you a bomb in the future.

This is particularly important in cities, where rooms with bills included go like hotcakes.

Tenants in London pay more than anywhere in the UK - but you’ll be glad to hear there are cheaper options! Areas such as Clapham and Brixton might not be in Zone 1 but they have a huge student population. And plenty of bars to splash what you save.

If you search through a traditional property platform you might also get stuck as you can only see properties listed to move-in immediately. Luckily, CocoonSync helps you to find a place that fits your timeline.

Like anything in demand, the later you leave your search for student accommodation, the more you’ll cough up. So definitely don’t wait until the last minute (unless you want a pint sized room with a leaky tap).

You’ll have time to make the right decision

The last thing you need when applying for university is a stressful last minute decision. Instead, save future you a few headaches and get ahead of the accommodation game.

Take the stress out of renting and allow yourself at least three months to search for options and book in viewings where possible. Have a list of questions prepared for each property so you feel completely confident before signing the papers. Remember to check internet speed, the rent agreement and the process for when you eventually leave.

It can be tempting to book the first place you find but don’t panic! By planning in advance, you can enjoy the process of finding your future home. That way, if you don’t get your first choice, you’ll have plenty of time to seek out more options. Whether you choose student halls, a shared house or studio just for you - there’s something for everyone in every city.

Want first dibs of London’s exclusive properties? Sign up to our free rental market place and find your student accommodation in the city before anyone else.

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