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Dream big but plan bigger: upgrade your London living situation without getting ahead of yourself

David’s story: how not to be too big for your boots

Meet David: Brown eyes, cheeky grin, grew up in a small town near Durham. David’s a fast-talking problem solver with a love for Jeffrey West shoes, playing online Sudoku and very rare steak with peppercorn sauce and chips - his favourite Friday night treat.

He’s studying Finance and is in his final year at the London Business School. He would never tell you this because he’s a modest guy but we’re not, so we’ll tell you: David is one of the best in his year. Hardworking, passionate and with a real flair for thinking on his feet (must be all that Sudoku), both his professors and his classmates at LBS predict that this boy will go far. He never misses a deadline, puts his hand up in class often and religiously reads The Economist from cover to cover.

But simply studying Finance wasn’t enough for our David

As if to further prove just how good he is, David only went and bagged himself a glamorous internship at an investment bank to go alongside his final year of study. He may have started off getting people coffees (#internlife) but he was so darn good at that - never spilling a single drop and always getting the orders right - that he was quickly given more advanced tasks to do.

As the months pass, David quickly goes from coffee boy to printer boy to admin boy to doing actual investment banking-related work. Six months into his internship and even modest David will admit that he’s doing pretty well. Everyone in the office loves him and it is once more agreed that this boy will go very far.

With all this positive feedback flying about, it’s hard not to get a big head and David starts to truly believe in himself. “I’m going to go far,” he says to himself every morning in the mirror as he brushes his teeth (#positiveaffirmations).

Moving up in the world: it’s time for a flat change

David is currently living in a small flat in West London, which he had always felt was perfectly comfortable and a good fit for his modest lifestyle. But as his status at the bank grows and his ego too, that flat suddenly starts to seem a little small…

His mind starts to turn. “If things keep going as well as they do, I’ll be able to get a full-time job at the bank after I graduate,” he thinks to himself as he sits on the Underground one day. “In fact,” he reasons, “In 6 months I’ll probably be earning enough to pay for a much bigger flat in West London.”

A good Sudoku player always plans his next move in advance and so David resolves to start looking for a new pad now, with a view to move in in 6 months.

That afternoon he takes a little break and checks some rental agency websites. He filters his search to one bedroom flats in West London and nervously adjusts his budget to match what he thinks his new salary would be. Browsing the results, a hazy vision of his new life starts to form: a whole shoe rack stacked full of Jeffrey Wests… cooking his steak in a gleaming modern kitchen…

But then he looks a little closer and notices that, actually, those flats are only available now and, in fact, there’s nothing on any site that will be available in 6 months.

Now things may be going well at work and uni but our David doesn’t want to get ahead of himself. So he sends emails to a few agents, explaining his situation, and gets back to work.

But rental agencies want clients that can move in straight away and aren’t interested in forward-thinking planners like David

Feeling a little dejected, he cautiously confides his disappointment to Maggie in HR, who’s had a soft spot for him since he was a coffee boy. To his surprise, upon hearing his story, her mouth spreads into a wide grin.

“Oh David,” she says, “You just need to sign up to!”

CocoonSync has an exclusive database of flats in London that will become available in the future.

David checks out CocoonSync that evening and is delighted to discover lots of West London flats available in 6 months. He makes some enquiries, arranges some viewings and lines up a list of potential flats for if and when he bags that job at the bank. Now all he has to do is wait…

Of course, he aces his exams, graduates with flying colours and is hired at the investment bank. Next step, dream flat!

Plan ahead for your dream flat in London

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