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Move Out Without Stress

Moving out of your flat doesn’t have to be a headache…

The packing. The boxes. Saying goodbye to flatmates. The cleaning…

Let’s face it, moving out of your flat is no fun. A toxic cocktail of stress, frustration and anxiety - not to mention money and time spent - and that’s before you even think about renting a new place. With difficult rental agencies, inefficiency at every turn and a lack of decent flats on the market, moving flat can be a real nightmare.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to simplify the whole process? To plan ahead, minimise stress and have a clear idea of what the future will look like? Imagine a world in which renting in London was easy...

Enter CocoonSync.

Let us tell you a little story…

Picture the scene: two flatmates living in convivial bliss in a flat in Brick Lane. They make breakfast for each other, share secrets and dance around the flat singing into cucumbers. All is well.

Suddenly, August arrives. “We need to talk”, says Michael. “When our rental agreement ends in January, I’m moving back home.”

Luckily, Karim has a girlfriend, a serious girlfriend, and they decide that in January, they will move in together.

Karim and his girlfriend begin to form a plan. “We’ll start looking for a new flat now,” they scheme, “so we can plan ahead and make our lives easier.” It’s genius, they agree… but they soon discover a flaw in their masterplan.

It’s almost impossible to find long-term accommodation in London in advance

They search and search but to no avail. Oh, there are plenty of properties online. There are flats to rent in Hackney, flats in Dalston, Shoreditch, Brixton and Clapham. But they’re all available in August or September. There’s not a single flat shown that will be available in January. Not in Hackney , Dalston , Brixton or Clapham

They keep searching and searching, their stress levels rising. The frustration puts their relationship to the test in a way no squabble or dispute had ever done before. As if that wasn’t enough, tensions mount between Michael and Karim, too. There is much less dancing in their flat. Everything starts to go sour.

Finally, Karim and his girlfriend find a place. But guess when they found it? That would be in December, which is the first time they began to see flats available to rent in January online.

One day, Karim is having a coffee with a friend and he tells this sad and sorry tale over an iced caramel macchiato and a cookie (mmmm…).

And it turns out that Jerome’s landlady gave him 6 months notice that she was planning to sell the Bethnall Green flat he was renting. Like Karim, he searched in vain for a place that would be available in 6 months’ time, but could only find places to rent for that month or the next. Lots of stress, sleepless nights and internet trawling later, he finally found a place only a few weeks before he had to leave his current accommodation.

“No way!” exclaims Jerome, “Something similar happened to me, too!”

“This will not do!” cried Karim and the two began to chat in earnest. And, over a second caramel macchiato, an idea began to form. An idea that would become CocoonSync.

CocoonSync is changing the way we rent flats in London

Karim and Jerome are the founders of CocoonSync. Bonded by a mutual frustration about the inefficiency of rental sites, they created a platform to help people move out with none of the stress.

CocoonSync shows you flats that will become available to rent in the future, so you can plan ahead.

CocoonSync gives you:

  • Less stress: know in advance where you’ll be moving to
  • Exclusive access: browse flats in London that are not available on other rental websites
  • Value for money: get an early deal rather than breaking your budget on a last-minute decision
  • A better experience: get a private viewing from the current tenants and learn insider tips about the neighbourhood
  • Freedom and flexibility: don’t waste time searching fruitlessly for a flat - get ahead of the game and secure a great place to live with time to spare
  • More choice as a student: secure your student accommodation in London in advance so you’re totally prepared to start the new term

Karim and Jerome want you to learn from their mistakes. Don’t let the stress of moving out get you down. Plan in advance with CocoonSync.

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