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Move in with your partner in London without the hassle

Jenny’s story: transitioning smoothly from living with friends to living with her partner

Meet Jenny. Tall, brunette, London born and raised - Clapham to be precise. She practises karate on Wednesdays (and she’s a brown belt, so watch out), listens to folk music and really likes munching on biscuits with her afternoon cup of tea (Hobnobs are her favourite).

Jenny always dreamed of being a journalist and now, after 4 years of hard study, she is finally finishing her education as she enters into the final months of her master’s degree.

She currently shares a gorgeous flat in Dalston with her cat Sampson and her university friend Rebecca. They never fight over the washing up and never steal each other’s biscuits (Rebecca doesn’t like Hobnobs, she prefers Chocolate Digestives). Even Sampson is the ideal housemate, keeping to his litter box and never scratching Rebecca’s prized La Redoute sofa.

What luck to have such a great flat in one of the best neighbourhoods in London!

But all good things must come to an end and Jenny and Rebecca’s tenancy agreement on their cosy, fairy light-strewn Dalston home is coming to an end in August. This being April, that leaves them with four months to find somewhere new to live.

Unfortunately, however, the happy little trio will not be embarking on this new chapter together. Alas, the time has come to part ways: Rebecca has decided to spend a year travelling the world and “finding herself” (try looking in Bali, Bex) while Jenny and Sampson will be taking a giant leap and moving in with Jenny’s partner of 2 years: Harry.

Harry is moving out of his Hackney flat in August too, which means the search for a love nest is officially on.

The search for a flat in London begins

We couldn’t get a clear answer from Sampson about how he feels regarding the move but we have a feeling this cool cat will be able to handle it. Jenny is very excited but more than a little nervous. What if Harry steals her Hobnobs or doesn’t like her singing loudly to Laura Marling in the shower (Jenny’s not a very good singer…)?

On top of this apprehension, she’s snowed under with coursework and exam preparation and the last thing she wants to be doing is searching for a new flat in London.

Harry, however, is one pragmatic cookie and has a little more time on his hands. He persuades Jenny to begin the flat search now so that they can relax and have a stress-free summer. Since Sampson is unable to help, it’s down to the two of them to find their dream home.

But it turns out moving in with your partner is not as easy as it seems…

One night, after a date night at Pizza Express, the two come back to Jenny and Rebecca’s and open up The Internet. They visit every rental platform they can think of and begin searching for flats in both Dalston and Hackney, but also for flats in West London, Central London and even in Clapham.

They find plenty of places to rent. Hundreds. Extravagant Kensington townhouses, crumbling attics in Shoreditch and even a place with a garden in West Hampstead (!). Hurray!, you must be thinking. But wait, poor reader, don’t celebrate too soon.

To the couple’s dismay, all these fabulous and not-so-fabulous places are available in the very near future (like, in May). They cannot see a single flat to rent in London that will be available in four month’s time.

Jenny sinks back into her chair. “I guess it’s just not possible to find a place in advance,” she sighs. “We’ll have to do the flat hunt in July and hope for the best.”

But Harry is not only pragmatic, he is also stubborn. “No,” he says, “we will not have to hope for the best.” And he kisses Jenny on the forehead, sends her off to bed, pours himself a cuppa and settles in for some serious surfing (surfing the web, that is). For hours and hours he searches, a search that leads him, finally, to salvation.

At 3am, he finds [cue dramatic music].

CocoonSync is the answer to his prayers. Why? Because there, he finds lots of flats all over London that are available to view and enquire about months in advance. He carefully compiles a list of his favourites and, too excited to wait until morning, he gently shakes Jenny awake.

“Jen,” he whispers. “I’ve done it. I’ve found us some flats for August.”

Sleepy and with the sound of Sampson’s purring heavily in her ears, she is momentarily speechless. “Am I dreaming?” She says.

No, Jenny. This is real life. Welcome to CocoonSync.

Find a place with your partner with plenty of time to spare

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