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How Michael found his student accommodation in London without any stress

Michael’s story: how renting a flat for university in London went from stress-full to stress-free

Meet Michael. Born and raised in a small town in the Cotswolds. 5’11”, green eyes, dimples. Enjoys superhero films, tennis, Korean food and photography. He’s in his last year of school and beginning the process of applying for university. He wants to study History and he’s hoping to get into King’s College, UCL or Goldsmiths. He’s always dreamed of living in London, or The Big Smoke, as he calls it. (We wish you wouldn’t call it that, Michael.)

Applying for university is a daunting process but Mike (can we call you Mike?) handles it with ease. Like a zen master, he doesn’t get stressed out easily (must be all that kimchi). He fills in forms, writes his personal statement and knuckles down to some serious studying so he can achieve the results he needs to live his dream life as a student in London.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to simplify the whole process? To plan ahead, minimise stress and have a clear idea of what the future will look like? Imagine a world in which renting in London was easy...

You can do it, Mikey!

November comes around and for Mike that means only one thing: interview time. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, he jumps on a train from Bristol to London, gets out at King’s Cross and gazes around, wide eyed, taking in the dazzling lights, the rushing crowds, the sounds and the smells of The Big Smoke (we really wish you wouldn’t keep calling it that, Mike).

“I’m finally here,” He says to himself, with an inescapable feeling that the Biggest Adventure of His Life So Far is about to begin. The next day he has interviews at Goldsmiths and UCL and he’s booked into a hotel in Camden so he checks in, dumps his bag, douses himself in Lynx Africa (really, Mike?) and gets ready to hit the town for some serious sightseeing.

What are the best places to live in London?

Now, Mike may be here to enjoy the sights and sounds of the capital but, make no mistake, this is one pragmatic cookie. He’s not just here to see Big Ben and visit famous Harry Potter spots, oh no, he’s here on a reconnaissance mission. As he strolls through Hyde Park, wanders around Shoreditch and wends his way through the streets of Hackney, he has only one question on his mind: where is the best place to live in London?

Mikey, we love your optimism. It’s all about positive thinking and our little Michael is convinced that he is going to ace his interviews, get the results he needs and make his dreams of living in London come true. With that in mind, he wants to have all the info at hand when the time comes to start looking for his student accommodation. Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail. Touché, Michael.

So he visits all the trendy places in London: the streets of Brixton, Dalston, Angel and Kensington are all battered by his well-worn Nikes as he peruses each area with a curious eye. He weighs up his options: where are the safest areas in London and which have the best nightlife for students? By the end of his trip, he knows the city like the back of his hand.

Oh, and the interviews went well too.

But finding student accommodation in London is not as easy as Michael thought…

March comes around and, you guessed it, our clever little cookie has only gone and got himself an offer from Goldsmiths (hooray!). He happily accepts and prepares himself for the next months of serious graft.

Ever the pragmatic chap, Mike decides that, since he knows London’s neighbourhoods better than a black cab driver, he’ll get on the ball now and start looking for his university accommodation in advance.

This is where our hero starts to face some challenges.

To his dismay, Mike discovers that the halls of residence are all occupied. “No matter,” he thinks, “I’ll search for a flat.” But to his growing despair, he begins to understand that it’s near impossible to find a flat in London with prior notice and, in fact, the only accommodation he could find was available now or in the next few weeks. Absolutely nothing for September, which is when he (fingers crossed) would be starting at Goldsmiths.

The weeks pass and, combined with the stress of studying, Mike’s frustration at his fruitless flat search begins to take its toll. He can’t sleep; he can’t even stomach his favourite Korean bibimbap.

But then, the solution to his accommodation problem appears

One day at school, a friend tells him about CocoonSync. This crafty little friend has already found himself a top-quality flat in Victoria Park, having accessed CocoonSync's exclusive database of flats that will become available in the future.

Mikey rushes home and logs on to And lo and behold, a quick search reveals flats in London available in September, October and even December. Overjoyed, he signs up to the site and soon finds his dream flat in Brixton, heads down for a visit with the current tenant and secures his accommodation with months to spare.

Good for you, Mikey! Now all you have to do is ace those exams.

Find your university accommodation in London in advance with CocoonSync

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