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CocoonSync London Renter’s Guide to the most affordable restaurants in Camden

Check out our choice of the best value restaurants Camden has to offer

Camden is indisputably the most rock n roll of all London’s neighbourhoods and while it’s moved on considerably from its punk past, it’s still full of residents who often spend their food money on gig tickets, not to mention students who are a little more broke than your average Camdenite (the struggle is real). Luckily, there are plenty of great cheap eats to be had in this north London neighbourhood and we’ve lined up our favourites.

What are bars and restaurants in Camden like?

The unchallenged home of surprising, innovative and always delicious cheap eats is, of course, the inimitable Camden Market. Here, you’ll find cuisines from all over the world - some you’ve heard of and many you have not - served in bite-sized packages that are made to be eaten sitting squashed onto one of the communal benches next to the Lock. Elsewhere, this is a great neighbourhood for both vegans, who are well served by a variety of cool, tasty and affordable spots, and omnivores (this is the birthplace of Haché, after all) alike. Without further ado, let’s dive into our pick of the best affordable restaurants in Camden.


Haché is one of London’s OG burger joints and multiple winner of the city’s best burger award. With a selection of beef, chicken or plant-based burgers served on your choice of artisan ciabatta or squishy brioche bun, most of the options won’t set you back much more than a tenner, with the classic burger coming in at £8.50! If you’re feeling like a big night, pop in for Gin Wednesdays when you can enjoy unlimited (!!) G&Ts and any burger for thirty quid.

Young Vegans

Located within Camden Market, Young Vegans were the UK’s first vegan pie ‘n’ mash shop. Their plant-based twists on this classic British fare is music to the ears of any vegan who’s missing a healthy dose of steak pie. We highly recommend the Mushroom Stroganoff or the decadent All Day Breakfast pie - the perfect cure for those nights when you went a bit hard at a gig the night before…


Bird specialises in one of the world’s greatest comfort foods: fried chicken, and produces dishes that would make the Colonel blush. As well as all the classics: chicken burgers, wings and drumsticks (all of which can be picked up for under a tenner), their signature dish is chicken and waffles. Yes, you have to splash out a little more for this but we promise this combo is worth it. If you can squeeze it in, we strongly suggest trying the Tiramisu waffle dessert - a creation so ingenious we can’t believe we never thought of it ourselves.


It’s hardly surprising that a restaurant called “Purity” is vegan and Purezza’s plant-based pizzas have all the yumminess of pizza and much less of the guilt. Add to that their commitment to sustainability and the fact that the pizzas are very reasonably priced and you’ve got yourself a real feel-good spot. Their Neapolitan-style pizzas have the perfect bubbly, chewy crust and are spread with such divine toppings as black truffle and wild mushrooms and an astonishingly good selection of vegan cheeses.

Sushi Waka

It’s easy to find good sushi in London but it’s not so easy to find good sushi at good prices. Enter Sushi Waka. Using fresh, high-quality ingredients, they whip up all our favourite Japanese classics for a fraction of the regular price. Go with some mates and mix and match Katsu curry, maki and tempura or even better, pick up one of their superb lunch boxes that will leave you with change for the bus home.

What the Pitta

Another popular plant-based spot, What the Pitta serves vegan versions of Turkish food, particularly kebabs, and is great for when you want something cheap and tasty on the go. Try their delicious falafel wrap, velvety hummus or some chick’n nuggets for when you’re feeling naughty. Don’t forget to pick up a cheeky baklava to satisfy that sweet craving, too.

Ma Petite Jamaica

Ma Petite Jamaica bears the proud title of being the first Caribbean diner in London and is any Camdenite’s go-to for an affordable dinner. Here, it’s all about jerk chicken and Red Stripe beers, although there’s plenty more tasty menu options if you’re wanting to try something a little different - we’d recommend the stewed jackfruit and grilled pineapple burger.

Make the most of Camden’s laid-back vibes by dining at one of the many affordable restaurants in the neighbourhood. From vegan eats to fried chicken, there’s enough to satisfy any palate and, best of all, you won’t break the bank either. Stay tuned for more CocoonSync guides to cheap eats in London.

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