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CocoonSync London Renter’s Guide: The best affordable restaurants in Hackney

Looking for cheap eats in Hackney? We’ve got you covered with these great value restaurants!

Dining out in East London can be a bit of a minefield. This part of the city is constantly churning out fresh new restaurantsand all that choice can make picking where to go more than a little confusing. Add into that the fact that you don’t want to spend your whole week’s earnings on one meal and we wouldn’t blame you for thinking it might be better to stay in and have beans on toast. But if you know where to go, you’ll discover a total treasure trove of awesome eateries in Hackney and we’re here to give you the insider knowledge.

What are bars and restaurants in Hackney like?

You can find all sorts in Hackney from cutting-edge concepts to classic British fare. East London is particularly well known for its cracking selection of Vietnamese and Turkish spots both of which, happily, tend to be cheap and cheerful and we’ve got you covered when it comes to both. From late-night date spots to healthy vegan lunches, get ready to explore the best affordable restaurants Hackney has to offer.

Best value restaurants in Hackney

Mangal 1

Beloved by everyone from Jamie Oliver to Rowan Atkinson, this Turkish institution started in 1990 as a tiny fireside spot in a dark alley. Come here for the juiciest charcoal-grilled meats with creamy yoghurt sauce and salad at a price that’ll make it all taste even better.

Tomi’s Kitchen

If you’re looking for authentic and cheap West African food in Hackney, Tomi’s is where it’s at. At this small, unassuming Nigerian diner, you can tuck into a hearty dish of Jollof rice and beans with a steaming ladleful of warming tomato sauce or yam pottage with fresh crab, all spiced and flavoured to perfection.


Mother is located right on the canal in Hackney Wick, making it the ideal spot for an affordable lunch or post-workout brunch on those rare sunny London days. Vegan and eco-friendly without being pretentious, Mother makes healthy food that’s accessible and tasty. Try a loaded açai bowl or a kimchi and vegan cheese toastie for something a little more substantial. If you’re in a rush, pick up one of Mother’s nutrient-packed smoothies that’ll have you feeling great all day.

Green Papaya Xi’Viet

This fusion spot serves both Vietnamese and Xi’an dishes. It’s cheap, trusty and good for pretty much any occasion. Come here for an early dinner and make the most of the two-for-one beers before 6pm and get stuck into some crisp summer rolls, Chinese pork buns and noodles, either Xi’an chicken noodles or a steaming bowl of Vietnamese Pho or Bun. If you’re thinking about moving to Hackney, you’ll want to get intimately acquainted with this place.

Yard Sale

Feel like eating an enormous pizza? Head to Hackney Road, where Yard Sale is slinging out some of London’s largest, cheapest and most delicious pizzas. Choose either a 12-inch pizza if you’re flying solo or an 18 incher if you’re in with a pal. Either way, it won’t set you back more than a tenner. We love the TSB with tender stem broccoli (get it?), pine nuts and parmesan. They also do really good vegan pizzas and an astonishingly tasty range of dips for dunking your crusts into.

Bánh Mì Hội-An

Have you ever had a bánh mì? If the answer is no, head to Hackney immediately to this tiny café where they serve an awesome selection of this Vietnamese street food. Think crunchy baguette stuffed with things like Char Sui pork, 5 spice chicken or roasted duck topped with crisp carrot and cucumber and drizzled in very moreish sauce. Once you’ve had one, you’ll never look back, especially when you get the bill and realise you could legitimately eat there four times a week if you wanted to.


If you live in London, it’s imperative to be in the know about at least one good sushi place in your neighbourhood and in Hackney, Uchi is your spot. It’s inexpensive as far as sushi is concerned, unpretentious and the menu is not one of those long, confusing numbers that takes about two hours to read. They even have robata at very decent prices. Dependable, delicious and a bit different - we love Uchi.

Navigate the mean streets of Hackney with confidence thanks to CocoonSync’s guide to the neighbourhood’s best value restaurants. Never again will you be wandering East London with an empty belly and only a few pounds in your pocket and be stuck for somewhere to eat! Stay tuned for more guides to the most affordable restaurants London has to offer.

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